Shooting at the VFX extraordinaire hotspot.

A friend of mine and I decided to take a shot at this RocketJump community contest. In order to accomplish what we set out to do, I took a lot of factors into mind:

  • The setting for the commercial is where many FreddieW (legacy), BrandonJLA, and Corridor Digital Videos have been shot, as this alley is near where these channels have offices/live.

  • The provided Napalm Energy Drink Illustrator file has a 5″ x 7″ canvas size — Exactly the same dimensions as photo paper prints. Coincidentally, Red Bull Cans are 5 inches tall and 7 inches in circumference. Printing the can art professionally on photo paper, and then using a glue stick to wrap the can makes a professional-looking practical prop, as it looks like an actual silkscreen print onto the can. However, the Red Bull form factor is not ideal, as the can sizes featured throughout the show were much bigger than the one RocketJump provided.

One thing I learned is that this location is not completely ideal for filming because of audio. All of the audio in the entire 15 second commercial had to be foley, sfx, and atmospheric white noise. Adding in some quick licks on my Les Paul helped the sound layering, too.

If you are going to film something for a Rocketjump competition, you gotta think location. #newnapalm

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