3D Printing Rey’s Staff

For my Halloween costume this year, I am working on a screen-accurate Rey from The Force Awakens. Her most definitive prop, aside from her blaster and her lightsaber, is her staff. So, I decided to 3D print one. Here’s the side-by-side progress of it so far:

From left to right: Initial 3d Prints | XTC3D and Filler Primer | Base Layer of Paint | Initial Weathering and Leatherworking | Further Weathering, corrected Leatherworking, Lower Portion Wrapping | Added Lee Enfield Slings/Lobster Claws for the Sling

Here an early first pass of the weathering. I used black acrylic paint and silver enamel paint to give it some age. I later used teal, brown, and black paint to make it more corroded.


Testing the sling for the first time.
Testing the sling for the first time.