Pave Network Brand Identity

4MfsEgE - Imgur

Pave is a newer Multichannel Network (MCN) that is intended for starter tier YouTube channels that have a passion for a future online career. Pave reached out to me to build a brand identity for them, so I happily obliged.

One of the huge pillars of Pave’s model in comparison to other starter tier MCNs is inter-community collaboration and education. So, for the logo, I focused more heavily on geometric, architectural shapes, eventually ending up with several partially complete cubes coming together in unison. The idea, being, that creators, if they want to get to the next step, often need to incorporate new elements. Pave is building a library of educational assets available to in-network creators.

The color scheme is rather bold, but centered around cool greens. One of the main goals in this sphere is to “own” a color, since many other MCNs are scheme-agnostic. Since neons are coming back into the design sphere, we rolled with a versatile bold frosted lime palette that also makes a statement.

Update: Pave has been absorbed into Studio71US.