Motion Graphics


“Aaaaaaand cue my sick new Intro.” – Lilly Singh


The motion graphics in Lilly Singh’s 12 Collabs of Xmas (2016-2019) have been made by me every year. It’s a fun time to just try something new and expressive in Lilly’s brand.

Before reaching out to Studio71, Primitive Technology had amassed millions of views virally without a defined brand or end card strategy. Now he has a level of polish added to his relaxing content.

Anime Crimes Division was a fun opportunity that gave me the creative freedom to make some comedic deep cuts in the visual effects.

Skybound’s The Fighting Show was fun to work on, since I was allowed to add in some of my favorite fights from my favorite games and movies. I built all the cute graphics and the logo was even a Hadouken.


This is a quick reel for Studio71’s client, Lilly Singh, otherwise known as IISuperwomanII. Her channel has amassed over 11 Million Subscribers, and her work has been viewed over a billion times. I have branded both of her channels, and have done mograph work for her #GirlLove campaign.