Motion Graphics


“Aaaaaaand cue my sick new Intro.” – Lilly Singh



This is a quick reel for Studio71’s client, Lilly Singh, otherwise known as IISuperwomanII. Her channel has amassed over 11 Million Subscribers, and her work has been viewed over a billion times. I branded both of her channels, and did mograph work for her #GirlLove campaign.


This is a quick reel for Flula Borg, a German Comedian based out of Los Angeles. His comedy has been seen in Pitch Perfect 2, @Midnight, and his YouTube channel has been viewed over 90 Million times.


This video was made for the Indiana Statehouse by The Digital Corps. The production designer was Chad Hostetter, The producer was Anna Hartwick, and I was an animator, along with Tyler Engle.

The video was started in December of 2012, and was completed in April, with a few interim projects in between. The software used in the production included Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and 3ds Max. The video was initially much more boring, but we made it awesome, and it won a Telly Bronze Award.