“Natalie has been an outspoken advocate for the group and its members. She is a consistent and trustworthy mentor who openly and honestly shares her life experience and her knowledge of transgender issues. Natalie shows great determination and puts her whole heart and soul into educating and guiding the youth she encounters on their journey to adulthood.” – Laura Janney, Director of Muncie OUTreach


Since the summer of 2013, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Muncie OUTreach, an organization that’s purpose is to advocate for Gender and Sexual Minority youth, when nobody else is willing to. Held in the Muncie Unitarian Universalist church, OUTreach is a non-religiously affiliated Queer-Straight alliance that gives a sense of hope and community to youth who previously believed they were alone.

I have had the opportunity to personally council transgender youth who are still insecure in their identities, giving them a hopeful outlook on their future. I also had the opportunity to march in the Circle City Pride parade with Indiana Youth Group.

OUTreach was having incredible problems with their website and logo, and asked me for a new design. Because their system relied on Weebly, a simple site builder, I was able to design OUTreach a new site and logo.

spectrum logo vector blackI have previously served as the Public Relations Representative for Spectrum. Spectrum serves as a LGBTQ-Straight Alliance on campus, and provides an atmosphere of belonging and acceptance, along with personal one-on-one talks with exec board members if anyone in the body needs just a person to talk to.