About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m always a fan of learning new things. It’s for this reason that I love taking up all sorts of new hobbies. I like to describe my skills as well-rounded and universal; I describe myself as a twenty-first century femme MacGyver. I have the ability to create multimedia all the way from start to finish, and I can easily drop into any kind of team in many different roles. I love learning about how things work, and I will do my best to master anything thrown my way.

I enjoy building things and researching things I don’t know very much about. I could be entertained for hours just by surfing Wikipedia, The Replica Prop Forum, Learning-based Subreddits, and SmartCar Repair Sites. My spare time goes towards Airsoft, Bass Guitar, YouTube, and Trans Advocacy.

Some of my favorite shows: Faking It, Doctor Who, Mythbusters, Tested, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Lost, and Sword Art Online.

Want to build something with me? I’m down. Contact me!
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