3D Printed Arm Cannon from Metroid Prime Trilogy



Over the past few months, I have been putting together a replica of the arm cannon from my favorite video game, Metroid Prime. This is part of a full set of armor that I intend to eventually complete for cosplay purposes at conventions. As this is no small endeavor, I am posting my current progress and step by step around the design, including some displays of future design philosophy.


This is a picture of my first layer of paint. I went with a Chrysler Cool Forest Green Color and while it needs at least another can on there, along with some gloss, it is starting to look lovely.





Here are some initial wiring ideas using an Adafruit Metro and EL Tape, powered by two 12V power inverters. Both strips are going to be cut in half in order to fit into the slots, then covered with overhead transparency. The barrel is going to have two Neopixel Rings acting as the gun’s various beams.

Update (2/11/16): Here’s an example of the through-hole wiring of the EL Tape, along with improved painting.